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Top 10 "Must Have" Travel Apps

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Check out my top 10 app picks of the savvy traveler!

Whether it is the App Store on the I phone or Google play store on an Android; here are a few essential apps to download for the savvy traveler to help make my travel a little more entertaining and convenient.

Whats App

I love Whats App. This allows me to make calls or send text messages over WiFi without being charged cellular data through my phone carrier. I can send multimedia messages including videos and make calls to people in my contact list who also have Whats App downloaded on their phones.

XE Currency Converter

Don't know how to convert USD into foreign currency? Then this is the perfect app to help out. Here I can convert USD (US dollars) into whatever currency of the country I am in. This will also keep me up to date of the current exchange rate of the day.

Trip Advisor

This is a great place to look up reviews on anything travel related from airlines to hotels to excursion tours. Tourists can access this site and add their experience for others to view. I try not to base everything off reviews because we all have our own experiences, however I do lean towards things with higher ratings when making decisions on where to spend my money.

Air BnB

Hotel too expensive? Then this a great resource to find hosts who rent out their own property to guests for typically lower rates than hotels. I can rent out a couch all the way up to renting out an entire house depending on the location. I can look at other reviews to get an idea of how accommodating the host is with their guests.


This is pretty self explanatory. Download this app to arrange my transportation to save money on getting taxis around town. I can view your driver's ratings they have received from other passengers to ensure the best quality of drive while I am traveling.

Google Translate

Need I say more? Translation in whatever language I need right on my phone.

Airline App

Whatever airline I am flying I like to download the app onto my phone. Take United Airlines for example. This allows me to check my flight status and if there are any updates on my flight I can find it here. I can check in, pick my seat, and have any access to any on flight entertainment I may need.


This is the best app to get from point A to point B anywhere in the world. It gives estimated prices for flights, train rides, public transportation, taxis, ride shares, and rental car info from over 500 companies in 160 countries.


I love this app to find the best deals from all airlines. Just plug in the travel dates and it will "scan" all airlines and find which airline has the best pricing. It includes flight time and layover times.


My most favorite app when I travel is Netflix. This has gotten me through many layovers while sitting at the airport. I download any series or movies prior to flight so that way if there is no WiFi available I still have shows on deck!

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