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The Costa Rican Diaries: San Jose, CR

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

San Jose, Costa Rica!

So after taking this trip I finally realize why people want to just drop everything, sell all their stuff, and start a new life in Costa Rica. Everything just seemed more simple here. The culture is vibrant, the sunrise and the sunsets are what I came here for and the mountain air is fresh. Day 1 of the Costa Rican diaries involved a simple and seamless breeze through airport customs upon arrival. I booked my first hotel night at the Wyndham San Jose Hotel not too far from the airport. I was looking for three things while booking the hotel: close to the airport with free shuttle service, positive online reviews, and a good price. #TripAdvisor is my absolute best friend right now. I prefer this over yelp because it is specific to travel destinations and everything that surrounds travel. I can find reviews on restaurants in my destination city, the best hotel stay and why, different excursions to take and more. Before taking the next trip I suggest downloading the tripadvisor app. Feel free to take a look at my review on the Wyndham San Jose hotel below:


Day 2 of the Costa Rican diaries consisted of the Britt Coffee Tour. Another plus for the Wyndham was that they had a tour/excursion office located in the lobby of the hotel. This was a convenient way to book an excursion while taking all the guess work out of it. I was looking for a guided tour simply because this was my first visit to Costa Rica and didn't want to risk getting lost in areas I was not familiar with. I paid with my Visa, which they accepted just fine, and was instantly booked. Gray Line tours provided me with a final receipt and a pick up time outside the hotel. Take a look below, I have a few pics and a review of the tour! Highly recommended for coffee lovers!


On Day 3 I visited the Museo de Arte Costarricense in San Jose. I caught a peak of all of the local artists work. Admission to the museum was free and there are exhibits inside on the lower and upper level and outside in the courtyard.

Day 4 of the Costa Rican diaries we visited La Terraza Guest House B & B; an intimate bed and breakfast located in Grecia, Costa Rica. Ms. Jeanetta is the hostess with the mostest! She offers clean and cozy bungalow style suites with everything you need for an enjoyable and most importantly a convenient stay. It is situated on the mountainside about 40 minutes from SJO airport. There is a full kitchen in the main house and 7 individual bungalow suites for rent. Each suite is varied in price with a few of the suites offering mini kitchenettes and balconies. The ambiance is amazing and there is river that runs along side the back of the property. They will also arrange a driving service at a great rate to go in and out of the city if you need it. Here is the link to their website for booking inquiries:


I visited during the month of September which is the rainy season. Travel and hotel stay is usually cheaper in the off season so if you can handle possible inclement weather you can get some nice deals. Check out #skyscanner for affordable flight rates. There are also all inclusive stays on #groupon that you can check out. I will definitely be making this trip again to get in more sightseeing. I heard that La Fortuna is an amazing town where you can catch beautiful waterfalls. This was such a quick trip but I got a taste of what I was looking for which was beautiful scenery, culture, amazing food and relaxation:)

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