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What to Pack in your Carry on? Just the Essentials..

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Keep your essential items with you in the event of lost luggage!

So there has been the occasional moment where I have arrived at my destination days before my luggage arrived. I always say as long as I have 2 forms of ID and my phone everything else can be bought when I arrive even if my bags don’t. Now I pack my carry on to include some essential items so just in case I have to do an overnight and my bags have not arrived, I have the essentials. Especially if flying stand by, where the checked bags go on the flight even if I don't. Then that would require an overnight stay in that current city. Here is a list of essential items I typically carry on:

Travel toothbrush and toothpaste

Extra pair of underwear and socks

Extra shirt

Travel size toiletries (deodorant, lotion, fragrance spray)

Hair brush/comb


Phone Charger

Book and Headphones



Hand sanitizer/wipes

Passport and ID

This is just my typical list, however, depending on where I am traveling to some of the items may slightly vary. It's always a good idea to check items that will clear through security. You can find a lot of tips at www.tsa.gov on how to pack a carry on. If it's a quick trip and I don't want to pay for a checked bag, I just include some overnight sleepwear and a few outfits that are interchangeable. Of course, I can't forget my make up and/or hair products. Any liquids must be 3 oz and under so keep that in mind when packing. This will avoid items being thrown away in the security line. Anyway, I hope this helps and happy traveling:)

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