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Why Cruises Make the Best First Trip!

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Traveling Rookie? Not a problem..Here are reasons why a Cruise is the best first trip to take!

There I was...Getting ready to take my first trip over #international waters. I remember making a hand written list of everything I would pack in my bags because I wouldn't exactly be able to stop at a Target in case I forgot something. The great thing about cruises is once you are on the ship you don't have to worry about anything else. Travel involves setting up lodging, transportation, and what and where to eat. The cruise ship combines everything in one and it still includes destinations and activities on the ship to pass the time. The two main hitters are Royal Caribbean and Carnival #Cruise Lines. My first ever experience was on Royal Caribbean cruising to the Bahamas. At the time we just needed a copy of birth certificate to travel. In these #travel times its a requirement to have a passport. It was not hard at all to apply for a #passport.

Visit this link for information on how to apply: https://www.usps.com/international/passports.htm

As a virgin traveler this makes a great first trip. It's hotel, unlimited food and beverage, island destinations, excursions, shopping, activities, bar and casino, nightclub, pool and spa, and so much more all in one. The first time we booked we used a travel agent. It was part of this big group trip. Now it is easy to book at www.carnival.com or www.royalcaribbean.com

I feel like Carnival has a younger single vibe while Royal is more of a refined experience appealing to the older crowd and families. The nice thing is even if kids join on the trip there is kid camp located on the ship so they have something to do during the day. Carnival is way more of a party ship in my opinion. It's all very structured. Initial docking of the boat includes a mandatory muster drill. This is the equivalent of the emergency landing spiel typically heard on airplanes before take off. I received an itinerary of all of the events happening on the ship. Its everything from karaoke in the lounge to game shows, to comedy nights. One of those nights included a Captain's ball where I got to get all dressed up and feel fancy for the night:)

Here is what I packed for the cruise ship:

-Plenty of shirts

-Plenty of shorts

-Swimsuit and cover up

-A few pairs of long pants

-A light jacket ( it is so cold on these cruise ships so be prepared)

-Formal attire for the Captain's Ball

-Business Casual attire for the nightly dinner in the dining room

-Assortment of shoes including sneakers, sandals, dress shoes, and water shoes

-Any accessories and personal hygiene items

-Small backpack, fanny pack, or small purse for excursions off the ship

All in all, a cruise is a perfect first trip because it has everything! Feel free to travel solo, in large groups, with a bestie, or with that special someone. #Bonvoyage!!!

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