The Journey

Hi there! My name is Akira and welcome to my blog world.  I am at the point in my life where I realize that health and happiness are my main focus.  


After the loss of my father 2 years ago I was looking to start a business that incorporated both beauty and mental wellness.  This is how Healing By The Hundreds was formed.

  I needed a way to express myself in a creative outlet.  What you will find here is simply my expression of the things that bring me joy and I hope you find joy in my journey as well.

In addition to my travels, I also write reviews.  I find that this day in age the influence that others' opinions have on a product or experience can greatly affect the outcome of how well a business thrives.  I wanted to create a space that allowed me to voice my thoughts, share my travel experiences, and create fun diy projects with specific focus on health and beauty. Most importantly, I want to have fun while doing it!  


Feel free to take a look at a few travel products that may help in your journey and thanks again for joining mine:) 




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Travel Products

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